Our Team

It is important to both emphasize the collaborative nature across teams and projects and the specific structure focused on creating significant outcomes across local community contexts, focus issues and ecosystem development.
We help to continue building our teams, and to develop more sustainable processes for the development of the local communities.
We are eager for partners and entrepreneurs to utilize our learning and to collaborate with us.We thank on behalf of the families and underserved communities we work with and our staffs for your continuous support.

Managing Trustee

Mrs.M.THILAGA ,B.Sc (Nutrition & Dietetics) is a fervent young social activist, much given to social administrations. She has exhaustive information of sickly poor society of our nation and has an assurance and commitment to lift it to joy and independence.
She has great friend network to bolster her honorable demonstration of administration and yield. So that, HELP Trust philanthropic objectives like "Sharing, Caring, Helping others and adoring" be satisfied.


Mrs. J. Malleswari the founder of HELP Trust, has extremely involved in social development and activities. Since she has an intention to serve for tribal people life development, she started focusing on facilitating from the tribal areas.
Also, her endeavor in the arrangement of equipment for physically challenged people made us feel proud which changed many individuals life.
It is our honor to say that presently she is as an advisor to all our young people in our team.